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We are a volunteer organization of indigenous Sharwa (Sherpa)
people who live in the Mt. Everest region of  Nepal and work to conserve Sharwa culture and environment.

For us the Mt. Everest region -- which we call Khumbu -- is a sacred valley (beyul) and our homeland as well as a national park, World Heritage Site, and major international tourism destination.

We are very concerned about the increasing danger of loss of culture and about environmental threats.  We want to continue to keep our culture alive and to carry out our responsibility to take care of Khumbu.

Our goals include:

1 Support culture and religion and promote the Sherpa language

2 Research and document Sherpa culture


3 Raise awareness about Sherpa culture and provide cultural education to students and youth


4 Provide education about culture, religion, environment, biodiversity, and global changes for Sharwa 
   youth and community members


5 Maintain, renovate, and conserve sacred sites and cultural sites


6 Raise awareness about and promote Sherpa Indigenous Peoples and Community Conserved Areas    
   (ICCAs) to the people of Khumbu Beyul and everyone who cares about Khumbu

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7 Increase national and international understanding of Sharwa culture, religion, and conservation 

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